Given the events unfolding both in the UK and across the world, we wanted to provide you with more information in relation to the Coronavirus COVID-19 and YAC’s approach to dealing with this ever-changing situation.

At present, YAC is still operating a full flying schedule and all flights will continue to operate as normal. All pilots are reminded of their obligations under Article 166 of the Air Navigation Order which stipulates that “person (P) must not act as a member of the flight crew of an aircraft registered in the United Kingdom if P knows or suspect P’s physical or mental condition renders P temporarily or permanently unfit to perform such functions or to act in such capacity, including unfitness by reason of injury or sickness.” Therefore, should you be experiencing illness, please get in touch to cancel/rearrange your booking at the earliest opportunity.

As part of the post-flight procedures, with immediate effect, all internal aircraft surfaces/controls are to be treated with disinfectant wipes. Headsets, which are not privately owned, have had the microphone boom sock removed and these headsets will also be subject to post flight-cleaning procedures. In addition to this, we actively encourage all staff and customers alike to continue adhering to the personal hygiene guidelines as laid down by Public Health England.

Although the situation during these unprecedented times is somewhat fluid to say the least, we look forward to seeing you all fit, healthy and flying in the upcoming weeks.