IR (R) / IMC Rating

IR (R) is highly recommended for anyone who intends flying frequently in the UK

where weather may be outside minimums for VFR flight.

Flying in Cloud

The rating, also known as the Instrument Meteorological Conditions (IMC) rating allows the pilot to fly in a much wider range of weather conditions and greatly improves instrument and general flying proficiency. It is one of the most challenging and useful ratings you can obtain.

It will allow you to fly safely should you encounter poor visibility or conditions which may have reduced to below those required for a basic PPL holder.

It enables you to fly safely with confidence and part of the training involves learning to fly instrument approaches at airfields.

This can be very useful if the weather at your destination has got worse than you expected. The course covers the use of radio navigation aids such as VOR/DME, NDB and ILS.

Training Structure

A minimum of 15 hours dual instrument flying training, of this a minimum of 10 hours is flown by sole reference to the instruments.

The training starts with basic manoeuvres with reference to instruments and eventually leads up to completing instrument approaches.

As Doncaster Sheffield Airport has both ILS and NDB approaches in a controlled air traffic environment, it makes the perfect platform to carry out the IR (R) training.

What does it cost?

The total cost of adding the rating to your licence will depend on how many hours it takes you to learn all the skills required to safely take command of an aircraft in IMC conditions.

As a base, assuming minimum hours, first-time pass in the IR (R) theoretical and practical skills test, the course cost would be at least £2830 for our 2-seater aircraft, or £3310 for our 4-seater aircraft.

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