Aircraft Hire

Self-fly aircraft from Doncaster Sheffield Airport or Sandtoft Airfield

allowing you to fly within the UK or further afield.

Easy Aircraft Hire

Our aircraft are available for self fly hire to suitably qualified pilots.

We don’t limit our hirers with where they visit and our simple all inclusive pricing means that there are no nasty surprises after your trip.

We have a range of aircraft from Cessna 150s to a 172 for longer tours abroad.

You’ll need to become a member of the club either on a daily or yearly basis and new members will be required to undertake a check flight of approximately 1 hour duration prior to hiring the club’s aircraft.

We offer good availability of aircraft and encourage members to connect with each other to share costs and take aircraft further afield.

Membership (for tuition and aircraft rental)


Membership for 24 hours


Membership for 1 year

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