Offering a range of courses from base PPL and LAPL, to additional

ratings such as Night and IR (R) and radio telephony exams

Private Pilots Licence – PPL (A)

A private pilots licence giving you the freedom to fly in the UK and further afieldas well as add on additional ratings for night and poor weather.

Light Aircraft Pilot Licence – LAPL (A)

A light aircraft licence allowing you to fly in good weather in visual conditions with a lower hour requirement compared to a PPL.

Radio Telephony – RT / FRTOL

To be able to operate a radio you’ll need a FRTOL and we are able to provide examinations for this certification.

Night Rating

The night rating is one of the most enjoyable ratings to obtainand is the one with the least training time.

Instrument Rating (Restricted) – IR (R) / IMC

IR (R) is highly recommended for anyone who intends flying frequently in the UK where weather may be outside minimums for VFR flight.

Flight Instructor

Learn to become a flight instructor to teach the new generation of pilots the correct skills to be able to take command of an aircraft safely.

Ground School

An important part of gaining your licence or rating is ground school.

Our instructors offer 1-to-1 and 1-to-group sessions.

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