Our Fleet

We operate a well maintained fleet of Cessna 150 and 172 aircraft for training

and available for self-hire.


The bulk of training is completed on our Cessna 150 two seater aircraft, which is a very common training aircraft utilised all over the world. In addition to the 150, we also have a Cessna 172 which is available for training and self fly hire once you have gained your licence.

All of our aircraft our equipped with the latest avionics such as Mode S transponders and 8.33KHz compliant radios in addition to having Emergency Locator Beacons fitted.

G-BZBF – Cessna 172 (M Skyhawk)

Our 172 is our 4-seater aircraft, perfect for those who are slightly taller than average and need greater leg room as well as those who want to bring up to 2 passengers with you.

4 Seats, 180hp engine

ADS-B, Garmin GPS and IR capable

G-BBKA – Cessna 150 (L)

A true blue aircraft easily spotted in the skies is a reliable and trusty member of the fleet.

2 Seats

IR capable

G-BSKA – Cessna 150 (M)

The newest member of the YAC fleet, sporting a new paint job and recently overhauled engine.

2 Seats

G-MABE – Cessna 150 (L)

The odd one out in the YAC fleet in not sticking to our colours but is a great aircraft also recently overhauled with a new engine.

2 Seats

G-BSYV – Cessna 150 (M)

Coming Soon!