Flight Instructor Course

Teach the new generation of pilots and share your skills and

knowledge by gaining a FI rating.

Course Objective

The Flight Instructor (FIC) Rating course will train pilots to become a Flight Instructor with the privileges to instruct up to Private Pilot Licence level. Upon completion of the course, you will initially be Restricted (FI(R)) until you obtain sufficient experience in instructing. After that you will be able to pursue further instructor courses such as instructing towards the Night Rating and Instrument Rating.

Pre-Course Requirements

Part-FCL.915.FI – An applicant for an FI certificate shall:
(1) have received at least 10 hours of instrument flight instruction on the appropriate aircraft
category, of which not more than 5 hours may be instrument ground time in an FSTD;
(2) have completed 20 hours of VFR cross-country flight on the appropriate aircraft category
as PIC;
(3) hold at least a CPL(A); or

(4) hold at least a PPL(A) and have:
  (i) except for an FI(A) providing training for the LAPL(A) only, passed the CPL
theoretical knowledge examination, which may be taken without completing a CPL
theoretical knowledge training course and which shall not be valid for the issue of
a CPL; and
  (ii) completed at least 200 hours of flight time on aeroplanes or TMGs, of which 150
hours as PIC;
  (iii) have completed at least 30 hours on single-engine piston powered aeroplanes of which
at least 5 hours shall have been completed during the 6 months preceding the pre-entry
flight test set out in FCL.930.FI(a);
  (iv) have completed a VFR cross-country flight as PIC, including a flight of at least 540 km
(300 NM) in the course of which full stop landings at 2 different aerodromes shall be

Course Outline

The course consists of:

– 125 hours of ground theory training
    – including 25 hours of teaching instruction 
– Minimum 30 hours of flight training
    – of which maximum 5 hours can be mutual instruction with another FI student

– An Assessment of Competence flight with a Flight Instructor Examiner

Getting Started

Prior to starting you must pass a specific pre-entry flight test with an FI qualified in accordance with FCL.905.FI(j) within 6 months preceding the start of the course (we can facilitate this).
Course Price: £7995, a deposit of £795 is required to secure your place in the course.
A new class will start on the 1st Monday of every month. The course will take approximately 4 weeks. The course fee doesn’t include the pre entry flight test and the final Assessment of Competence.

Next Steps

After passing your Assessment of Competence, you are subject to restrictions which you cannot sign off/authorise First Solo and First Solo Cross Country student flights. It applies until you have accumulated 100 hours of flight instruction experience and supervised 25 non-first time student solo flights.

After getting de-restricted, you can pursue further instructing qualifications with us.

Night Rating Instructor

Provided that the candidate has an FI/FI(R) rating and Night Rating, he can apply to add Night Rating instruction endorsement by:

– An additional 2 hours ground instruction and 1 hour flight training
– The price; £280

Instrument Rating Instructor

Provided that the candidate has an unrestricted FI rating and IR(R), he can apply to add the IR(R) instruction endorsement by:

– Previously completed at least 10 hours flight time by sole reference to instruments in an aeroplane, FFS, FTD 2/3 or FNPT2.
– Additional 10 hours of ground theory training
– Additional 5 hours of instrument flight training
– Passes an Assessment of Competence with a Flight Instructor Examiner

This course can also be done on its own and does not require an FI rating, this would take:

– 35 hours of ground theory training
– 10 hours of instrument flight training
– Passes an Assessment of Competence with a Flight Instructor Examiner

Class Rating Instructor (Single Engine)

The course consists of 35 hours of ground tuition including 25 hours of teaching and learning and 10 hours of technical training including revision of technical knowledge, the preparation of lesson plans and the development of classroom instructional skills. There is also 3 hours of flight instruction in single engine aeroplanes which is integrated throughout the course. The CRI(SE) course costs £1500 and typically takes a week to complete

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