Radio Telephony

To be able to operate a radio you’ll need a FRTOL and we

are able to provide examinations for this certification.

Radio Licence

A Flight Radiotelephony Operator’s Licence (FRTOL) is required if you wish to operate a radio in a UK registered aircraft.

It is a stand-alone licence and valid for the life. We can provide all training in preparation for sitting the assessment ranging from a brush up, to a full day course.

We also offer tailor made courses to suit individual requirements. RT examinations are conducted on site by our in-house RTF examiner.

Who needs a licence?

Anyone wishing to complete an UK PPL or LAPL. Minimum age is 16 and you must have passed the CAA communications theoretical knowledge exam before sitting the practical examination.

The courses offered are applicable to Aeroplane, Microlight and Helicopter pilots and we are happy to examine those students in need of a FRTOL who do not undertake tuition with us.

English Language Proficiency

Normally not an issue for native speakers. English Language proficiency endorsement (level 4 or better) is now a requirement for all holders of a FRTOL. If English is not your first language, we suggest you check out the CAA website for further information on any additional steps you will need to comply with as part of your FTROL licence.

What does it cost?

Our in-house RT examiners offer the practical test at our offices at a time to suit you with great flexibility of mornings, evenings, mid-week or weekends. The fixed cost for this is £160 and is the same for YAC members, students, or those that have trained elsewhere and just need to obtain their FRTOL.

If you need to brush up on your RT to bring this up to examination standard, our in-house RT examiners offer a half-day course at £100, suitable for those who are more confident. Alternatively, for more in-depth training, a full day course is charged at £190.

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